Sebastian Laxell
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ICT-manager & Teacher

I currently work as ICT manager at the city of Raseborg, and I have previously worked as a mathematics and computer science teacher in an elementary school in southern Finland. I have a Master in mathematics and Minors in computer science and pedagogy, and I have also studied leadership and municipal administration (qualified principal).


I develop web pages using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP and MySQL, often using frameworks like CodeIgniter and Bootstrap. I also develop educational applications and games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
I am the co-founder and CEO of - an online interactive mathematics book, and the founder of the IT company Interbit. I also run my own personal company


I am specialized in providing cost effective technology solutions for small businesses, including websites, online merchandise, marketing and payment solutions. I also offer consulting in educational environments, including hardware and software choices, educational platforms and pedagogical training.


Portfolio coming soon!

Online dynamic mathematics textbook

Form management tool

Online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms.

Karis förr

History project with maps

Upcoming online digital signage tool


Upcoming math puzzle game for iOS and Android.


I offer courses, lectures and tutoring in anything related to computers, mathematics and technology in the classroom.

  • Courses

    Web design, programming, Photoshop, Office, graphics and design, publishing tools, game and app development, cloud services, computer security, hardware, etc...

  • Lectures

    Technology in the classroom, interactive e-books, modern pedagogy, entrepreneurship, creativity, etc...

  • Tutoring

    What equipment to use in schools, which services, systems, tools and hardware to use, etc...

  • and


Sebastian Laxell

Billnäs, Finland


I blog sporadically in English and Swedish about teaching, education, computers, programming, and other subjects I find interesting at the time.

You can find my latest thoughts at BLOG.LAXELL.COM.